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T8 LED Bakery 2000K 18W G13 240VAC 30,000h 1200mm 180° CRI82 1800lm / glass cover with PET
T8 LED Bakery 2000K 24W G13 240VAC 30,000h 1500mm 180° CRI82 2400lm / glass cover with PET
T8 LED CCT switch 3000/4000/6500K 12W G13 240VAC 50.000h 900mm 180° CRI80 1800lm IP20 / Glass tube with PET shatter protection
T8 LED CCT switch 18W G13 240VAC 50.000h 1200mm 180° >CRI80 2700lm IP20 /glass cover with PET
T8 LED CCT switch 24W G13 240VAC 50.000h 1500mm 180° >CRI80 3600lm IP20 /glass cover with PET